Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Monday, 10 October 2016

Tales From Lodwar

Now you Know I wasn't going to just Not tell you how fabulous Lodwar was, I mean aside from the fabulous Women leaders we met, Lodwar is just wonderful.

The team and I had a great time trekking about and discovering Lodwar, though I must admit almost half of it was from standing at a point and looking off into the landscape ;-)

My top things about Lodwar were:
1. The weather
If you love sunshine, well I'll tell you  Lodwar is for you, let me tell you what that sun does to you is equivalent to spending the day at the Spa! I kid you not.

2. The People
The people there are so friendly and open to everyone, and the culture that runs through the town gosh! Its absolutely beautiful. I just loved the way the women wore intricate beadery there is just no forgetting where you are when you are there.

3. Mlima Lodwar
This is the highest point in Lodwar, (it really isn't very high) but... the best part is they have their own version of 'Christ The Redeemer'  atop the hill. It's really what inspired us to want to go up the hill. If you want to go all the way up you better check with the catholic church first since they are the caretakers of the site

4. The Basket Market
The market covers a small area in Lodwar town but there is no shortage of lovely steals from this market. The Turkana women make the most beautiful baskets and woven crafts. From laundry baskets to friut baskets and mats you will be sure to find something just right for you.

For my short stay, that was as far as my explorations led me, but I hear Eliye Spring and the Lake Turkana Beach are a treat, I'll be sure to visit next time

Until the next exploration, stay fit and remember #VoteADada

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  1. You are right! Now Eliye springs is the bomb! Don't miss it next time


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