Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Innovative Minds Going The Business Way.

Business in Kenya has become profound and a very good way to earn money.I believe that; in our world today, white collar jobs are not the only way to put food on the table. You can start a small business and within a short period of time you are earning more than you can imagine.Meet Brian, a 21 year old student at St. Paul's University who is passionate about machines, well according to him machines are like "toys"(chuckles).I have been working around the clock to make this innovation come to life.Fee has been a challenge to pay, thanks to our ignited minds we are where we are now. For a few semesters I had to drop out luckily I resuming this semester.
I was amused by how well he and his colleagues sat down and created an application,which can be easily used by so many youth to check what events are happening,movies showing on Cinema and many more.One day we sat down and thought this application can give us money, since we had an innovation club at St.Paul's University we launched it.A few months later we went to Safaricom, after keenly looking at our application they offered to take us in and pay us a good amount. Ever since that magical moment my life changed fully.
I realized that, you can create your own job opportunities you do not have to rely on the white collar jobs.I believe everyone out there has an innovative mind be it entertainment,technology,it all sums up to one thing,the youth are very brilliant and they can do so much if they put effort into it he concluded.
Well we can see that we have so much creativity and knowledge but we do not put them into use.It is how you look at it that matters.Go for it there is nothing too difficult to achieve.

Have a look at KenyaMax Beta On play store.This what Brian and his friends came up with,you can also like their page on Facebook  KenyaMax and look at what they have been doing.YES YOU CAN!!! Always remember you can do wonders by utilizing your ideas.Stop Wishing start doing!!!

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