Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Youth in Leadership and Governance

With the first of its kind forum initiated last week on Friday 22nd January 2016, student leaders from various varsities and colleges in Kenya gathered at Moi University Nairobi campus for training and discussions on how well they can influence the youth they represent in terms of leadership and governance of this country. This has come at a right time as more youth need to engage and participate in leadership and governance of this country because the future of the youth is in their hands and as such need to participate in shaping it.  

As we want to see more youth in leadership and governance and the next general election is approaching fast, these student leaders from various varsities and colleges in Kenya should move with haste in influencing the youth foster achievement of the country’s vision through good governance and leadership by engaging them to take up leadership and governance positions.

This kind of forum avails the student leadership with a platform to engage industry players and at the same time giving the young leaders an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through the training that these leaders will be going through.

The student leadership fraternity of Kenyan Universities will benefit and go a long way in enlightening these young leaders in our country in terms of the Country’s values and ethics and instil a sense of duty.
The role of a leader is not to rule but to guide and empower the people that they lead, leadership is about giving and empowering others other to be to the level where they are strong enough to lead a valuable life. This forum is a step in the right direction and at the right time where we need to see the role of the youth in leadership and governance as of paramount importance, in achieving good leadership and governance in a fair and transparent manner.

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