Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Monday, 1 February 2016

Effect Of Climate Change On Youth And Women..

Climate change being one of the most recent included in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGS).Has become a great concern to the society,which is slowly eating us up.Climate change in easiest terms is a long term change in the Earth's climate.It has a great impact on especially youth and women in the society,the major cause of climate change is ourselves.

Reason being people clear vegetation cover and put up buildings for own usage, the misuse of mineral resources for consumerism.Death of aquatic life due to poisonous gas being emitted in the atmosphere.Timber being used for construction of houses thus lack of tree preservation.A huge population of people who of course cannot live on an empty stomach need food and this is a challenge to agriculture due to misuse of land resources.

Now lets ask ourselves the effects of climate on our youth and women?

  • Dependency on natural resources as A source of living,evidently more women and youth are turning to Agribusiness because of lack of jobs and also as a way of supporting family members.This can be hard at times because of climate change.
  • Women are vulnerable in that;in the African Context, they are seen to be performing house chores thus most did not get a chance to get education.
  • It has also led to more poverty since, the lands are drying up the water is not there for domestic purposes.
  • It has largely contributed to low productivity of food since, climate change has affected crops and has led to death of livestock to due diseases.
  • Cultural restrictions lead to lack of capacity for women, to access information on how to take care of their crops and animals.
  • Increase in Maternal deaths this is because,due to climate change there is higher chances of malaria to spread all over the country.This  pregnant women can not afford mosquito nets and after contracting malaria the immune system becomes weaker and therefore they end up dying.
  • The harsh climate can lead to not being able to work because of disease affecting the body.Youth who are said to be the pillars of the nation now find it hard to work because of the different diseases.
  • Come up with trainings and create awareness to the public on the hazards of climate change.
  • Avoid overexploitation of natural resources that is deforestation,air pollution,and many more.In essence take care of the environment.
  • Minimize on the usage of electrical appliances.
  • Adapt recycling methods because this prevents more pollution in the environment.
  • Avoid processed foods go natural at least eat planted crops this processed foods lead to cancer.
We could go on and on but let me leave it here...lets work together to stop CLIMATE CHANGE

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