Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Humans breath, tools don't; you are human…

So this morning started on a rather high note. Bumped into mom at the stage which means my bus flight was funded, hehe. And I wasn’t late for work, yaaaaay! Also, the weather was fantabulous, still is actually… you know those days when it’s just about the right among of sunny and the blue sky cloud cover ratio is also set right. Granted I didn’t have breakers, my morning was superb.  I got to work and as usual, I checked social media for udaku and sensible news alike…. My job description requires me to always be up to speed.
Then I came across a story of a man who survived the Mpeketoni attack and I closed all other tabs because this was gonna make a compelling read, unworthy of any looming distraction. So it speaks of a man who was going to cover a story, but was intercepted by a cop who warned his team not to go any further owing to clues of promised prospective danger in the area. The cop was well informed. He spoke of gunmen shooting indiscriminately and indeed it came to pass. So the above stated is a synopsis.
I could go on and on regarding the disempowerment of cops in our country, so much that one of them can have such information but not be able to take action owing to all the unnecessary protocol and bureaucracy involved in police processes. Instead, I will talk about you and I being the cause of most of insecurity in our country.
In the last two months, this country has seemingly adopted waking up to news of terrorism and mass killing as status quo. We are even beginning to be okay with the level of insecurity that has since rocked us. While you may scorn me and make faces at what I just said, but it’s true. We are the cause of terrorism, of communal attacks, of politically fuelled violence, of mass killings and the like.
It is not violence if it has only been conceptualized and envisaged, it becomes violence upon execution. So yes, we are incited, probably enticed with some pocket change and then we proceed to take away lives and make others’ a living hell. At this point, it ceases to be about the perpetrators of these killings or even their reason for doing so. It starts to be about the actual executers of these killings, the youth in particular. We have allowed ourselves to be comparable to a spanner, a screwdriver etc, only this time not to fix but to destroy.
Why risk your freedom, rights and life for a few hundred bucks at the cost of another human being’s life. It is really unfortunate. I feel like the youth are often targets of these instigators because we are hardy, energetic, obedient (well, to a certain extent) and generally broke because we are unemployed. Now, I’m not here to rub it in your face that we are dangling at the bottom of the economical chain but to tell you that the leaders who plan this will not come to your rescue when you are in mad beef with the law. They will be in the comfort of their homes, still leading their lavish lifestyle…watching as you foolishly lead yourself there. The more shy ones will go as far a s masking their evil deeds and intention s with the flimsy excuse of fighting for what is right, ;for what is just, for what is democratic for yours sake, yet somehow it doesn’t worry you that they are never really there to do the dirty job for you.
Real leaders get involved. What, with the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya, Nelson Mandela, etc? How can you not question the intentions of someone who wants results without having to get down to the dirty business? We mustn’t be contemptuous and hostile to one another; neither must we be oh so trusting of people, no matter what. Part of growing up is adopting the ability to question and keenly evaluate sitches without obliviously falling for the perils that are almost too obvious.


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