Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

On Drug Abuse

Apparently, fun without drugs is boring… ß that mentality? That’s what’s boring. I won’t even get into it regarding what drugs do to your body or how risky this stuff is because you already know and there’s nothing new I’d be telling you. I’m not posting this to give you some kind of moral teaching or anything like that. Give me audience and make what you want of today’s blog entry.
I once knew a walking goddess; we’ll call her *Njoki because as this is a very sensitive topic. Njoki was tall and pretty, a black beauty, she had pearl white teeth and basically she would defy your wildest imagination of a beautiful dark skin. She was loved by everyone that knew her and those who didn’t were more or less green with envy because she had it all… the looks, the brains, the money and she was a blossoming ‘socialite’ (trust me, the quotes are necessary because Kenyans have corrupted the meaning of the word) etc.
A time came when Njoki became distant from everyone and consequently went under, she spoke to one and literally cut everyone off. There would be an occasional “I bumped into her the other day…” but overtime, even those started to become scarce. Stories began to surface, dark stories that continue to shock those of us who were once really close to her. I call them ‘stories’ and not ‘rumors’ because they were actually true.
She’d met a man and she fell in love. While there’s nothing wrong with that at her age, what the guy did to her is what tainted their ‘love’. It was at the beginning of that relationship that Njoki’s experiments with cocaine began all this while she was ‘away’. The world is mighty cruel and if your parents and guardians are oblivious of your dark deeds, the world will punish you for them, on your parents’ and guardians’ behalf. Her experiments turned into a hard hitting addiction causing her to go ‘under’ again, only this time, for good.

It’s been about one year now since we lay her to rest and while sweet memories of her continue to linger in our minds and in our hearts, we’re still very much embittered because she knew better but acted in the complete opposite. Like I said, there is nothing new I can teach you about the perils of drug abuse because you already know.
As her friends, I see among us quite a handful that cannot even host a picnic without drugs… we can’t go a day without sipping some. We even save up and go Dutch to buy this stuff. And it had me thinking; ARE WE REALLY THAT DENSE??? For how long will we binge on that liquor, continue rolling that ‘Bob Marley’, indulge in ‘shrooms’, smoke ciggies, inhale that ‘white girl’ and all that? How many more of our people must die before we refrain from using drugs? How many more people must go blind for us to learn? Why do we need NACADA and Mututho threats to compel us to manage our intake of that ‘good-good’? It’s all fun and games until we lay someone in their grave too soon… Tafakari hayo.

Real friends look out for each other, tells your crew to tell a crew to tell another crew.

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