Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Youth Agenda Affirmative Action

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What the budget should mean for you

As tradition has it, 12th June is always a day that Kenyans look forward to, often all for the wrong reasons though. Now, down your ammunition and hear me out first. I will bring you to the harsh reality that NOT EVERONE IS AFFECTED BY OUR OH SO AMBITIOUS BUDGET; and the budget is a necessary evil, unless of course we are looking to mimic the Amish lifestyle. As I read 13th June, 2014  Daily Nation, page 5 to be precise, I came across this shocking revelation that while some Kenyans literally suffer at the very feet of the budget, others have no qualms about it and while they note that the figures are rising, it doesn’t mean the same thing for them as it does for you and me. So yes, let’s start from there. I will not revisit how most of us youth are to the economic chain, what Lion King’s Timmon is to Prideland; neither will I delve into how unfair it is to hike taxes especially to the largest portion of the population, who by the way, are the worst hit with the unemployment pandemic.

Instead I will challenge you to drop all the negativity and see some good in what the budget means for you as one of the Kenyan youth. First, keep in mind that the government has allocated Ksh. 300m towards credit for prospective youth businesses and also to perpetuate those that are already in existence. So while you whine about how prices are going to skyrocket, keep in mind that your peers are already apportioning themselves the above mentioned figure.
So yes, I will not refute that every Kenyan will feel the pinch far as meeting the budget is concerned, but it’s not all bad news, Ksh 300m has been set aside for you and your friends to come up with lucrative business ideas, get up and get educated on how to access these funds because whining will only wrinkle you and not change your sitch except for worsening it.
Trust me, first world youth has it worse. Everything is expensive. At 16 you could be working two jobs and still going to school. Yet somehow, we are in the comfort zones of our parents’ homes complaining and whining. Be it known, my friend, it counts for nothing.

Be a thinker, be a problem solver, be a head honcho, believe in yourself and above all else, take action and keep the faith.

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